Executive style services

Every article of clothing, every accessory has meaning and serves a purpose. The right combination will bring out your personal style in a way that commands attention, and sets you apart.

Full Service Consultation and Shopping Experience

Full service option designed for the Executive who requires a complete wardrobe/ image transformation. This includes a capsule collection of 5 complete clothing options curated as a weeks worth of outfits. Each outfit has it’s own look specifically designed to eliminate the guess work out of getting dressed. This option comes complete with fittings, inspiration style board, and Zoom styling calls.

Single Outfit Shopping Experience

Designed for the Executive who requires hands-on style guidance, but not necessarily a full image transformation. Only one outfit will be created through a curated shopping experience. This option comes complete with a style consultation and one-on-one shopping experience.

Executive Style Consultation

Created for the Executive who wants direction and detailed style advice. An in-depth analysis of your current style will be conducted, along with inspiration and examples to enhance your appearance. This option will equip you with tools and inspiration to transform your image by yourself.