About Earl Rich

Great style matters.

Earl Rich believes “Great Style matters,” because it can impact the professional and social areas of your life. It can open doors to new opportunities, and consequently improve your life and professional career. By re-imagining his client’s style, and how they communicate with their clothing, Earl helps men look the way they want to be perceived.

Earl specializes in advising men on dressing for work, special events and recreationally.

Earl’s interest in style was developed growing up going to church, where your ‘Sunday best’ was always required. During this time he saw the power and effect of clothing. “I often witnessed men transformed when they put on a suit, a nice shirt and a good pair of shoes.”

Having worked in luxury men’s retail where he refined his art of dressing, Earl saw the need for a service dedicated to men and the way they dress. “Business casual and informal working environments have left some men unhinged, not quite knowing how to dress.” Earl’s skill is being able to interpret and create the perfect looks aligned to his client’s brand.